Chicago, Boston, Manhattan.
Madrid, Barcelona, Cádiz.
I wanna feel alive,
I wanna recover my blood,
tear through the clothes I wear,
submerge within the Gin and tonic
and not look back,
and not look back.

Just yesterday I had everything planned,
within every minute there was a scheme.
But today I feel damned,
quickfixed, hellburnt and tranced.
All my ideas have been ripped,
and the minutes missed.

It’s that goddamn reality,
hand to hand with my heart
Shutting down all depravity,
Pinpointing the pain like a dart.

And it is that pain, the grieve, that awakens our most unearthly desires.
Tears can only gush out,
our mind blackens. And I cry.
I cry, soaring my yearns,
hoping that answers will descend, flow and quieten my appease my soul.
Silence my spirit.
Ease my mind.

J. G. Manzano