– How’d you guys break up?

– He broke up with me. But I… I think he might have been right to. He needed more from me. I didn’t see it and he even told me… he told me like fifty times. But I… I didn’t listen and…
I need to grow up. Like right now, you know? Like, right this very second I need to be more than I have ever been. I need to stop making these mistakes I have already made once before. I ned to.. in my head I can do it. I know I can. But, in life, I just don’t.
I need to not be one of those people who just go through life making the same mistakes over and over. Everyone I see in the world… it’s the same mistakes over and over.
Thing is… I love him. I love him so much I can’t even think of a way to properly express it to you. You know? It’s in my skin. I can actually feel it in my skin.
And he hates me now and… I don’t care. His hating me did not affect my feelings for him at all. I love him. I know it. And you know what? I’m going to earn him back. I am. I am going to prove myself worthy of… of his friendship. I am. I am going to do it.

Man… What’s so special about this Peter Parker guy?