Oh Lord, when the evening star falls
I would like to be with you.
When darkness overcomes our fragile existence
I wish to be with you.
When shadows come and endust our world,
I only wish to be with you.

Whilst with pain and effort I work my days
and with passion I seek you,
only my need keeps me fighting
for in various lifes have I been defeated.

My Lord, I need you by me to face these times,
I cannot do it with words nor rimes,
but do let them be a call of aid,
a request of need,
like a child that is hungry but cannot feed.

J. G. Manzano


When words mean nothing no more,
and when to study implies teardrops,
give me strength and faith,
concentration and courage,
for a burden I wish it not to be,
when for you, let it be done by me.

J. G. Manzano