God, is this all you got?
Everyone collides,
words mean nothing,
and all I can do is cry.

Then I took a step forward,
and I ate all my fate up,
leaving destiny in my hands,
allowing me to just walk,
forcing myself to take my own decisions.

But I realized that it’s a matter of hope,
and that humans can’t  just walk down the street by themselves.
We would like to believe it,
but sometimes  we can’t feel the vibe of our heart,
spending our life, drowning our mind,
travelling alone.

Someone has already decided for us,
he hears our voices, he sees what we do,
and that, we don’t like,
but that, we can’t avoid.

Life isn’t so easy, words aren’t always sweet,
my heart was buried alive,
while still, I was scared of sitting alone,
but then destiny comes, revolving my stomach,
trying to be puked, urging to guide that life
which isn’t easy, but it’s alive.

Just hold your breath
till you feel your life getting busted,
like in a midnight party
when someone drowns in the pool,
whilst trying to have fun,
and then you will understand it all,
and then the meaning, the sense will come to you.

Hop into my soul!
seize my problems, give ‘em a meaning!
Hop into my soul!
look at me, give me a living orgasm!

It’s just a life… that’s alive,
it’s just a world, that’s upside down,
it’s just a soul,  that’s buried in coal,
it’s just a human, that wishes the best,
it’s just me.

J. G. Manzano